Top Toronto Travel Destinations

A trip to Toronto offers visitors a cultural and diverse experience. Here are some destinations and attractions to include in your itinerary:

· St. Lawrence Market: Voted one of best 25 places to eat by Food and Wine magazine, this market offers over 50 food vendors and a dozen lunch counters. A unique dining experience, with many cultural choices.

· CN Tower: This is Toronto’s premier landmark and has defined the city for many years. Although not the tallest standing structure anymore, it is still considered one of the modern wonders of the world. The observation deck will give you amazing views of the city; check out the glass floor, or dine in the exclusive revolving restaurant.

· Casa Loma: The history buff will enjoy the tour of this castle once owned by a prominent Toronto resident. Spend some quiet time in the amazingly tended gardens outside as you roam the grounds.

· Chinatown: One of North America’s largest; you will find a huge selection of traditional cuisine, art, souvenirs and more. This is definitely a stop you will want to make on your trip.

· Eaton Centre: Although the actual “Eatons” store no longer exists, the Eaton’s Centre is still one of Toronto’s top attractions, with over one million visitors per week. It was modelled after a galleria in Milan, Italy and was one of the first major shopping establishments constructed in North America.

· Toronto Zoo: If you love to walk, spend a day at the Toronto Zoo, where you can see over 5000 animals, and over 500 species. You can even adopt an animal of your own, to help support the zoo in its superior care of the animals.

· Ontario Science Centre: There is always something to do, build and experiment with at this Science Centre. A great time for parents and kids alike.

· Royal Ontario Museum: This is one of the top 10 museums in the world, and one of North America’s largest.

Toronto will amaze you with its diversity and culture. You will never be bored in this city that takes pride in its attractions as well as its exciting nightlife. Take in a baseball or hockey game to get a sense of how serious they are about sports (especially hockey, since it is the country’s national sport.) Dine at one of the many restaurants downtown to tantalize your taste buds. Toronto will be a trip that you won’t soon forget.

The Most Popular Toronto Travel Attractions

Toronto is one of the most exciting cities of the world, and millions of tourists visit this amazing city every year. The city is beautifully managed with many modern as well as historical travel destinations. Toronto travel destinations have something for everybody – from cultural marvels to modern commercial wonders. The best part is that all tourist attractions can be easily accessed through public transport systems. You can use Toronto mapquest to find more about Toronto news and local attractions and activities.

Popular Toronto Tourist Attractions

* CN Tower Toronto – CN Tower, located in downtown Toronto, is one of the tallest buildings in the world, with a height of 1,815 feet. It has a restaurant on the top floor. To get a bird’s eye view of the magnificent city, you can travel into the glass elevator up to the special observation deck.

* Eaton Centre – This is a bright shopping mall in downtown Toronto, with over 250 stores. Nobody comes out empty-handed from this mall, as there are various types of shops to suit all kinds of budgets. This is one of the most popular Toronto travel attractions along with CN tower. Apart from shopping bonanza for people, this architectural marvel has a glass dome and features a gigantic Canadian goose mobile, a Flight Stop designed by Michael Snow.

* ROM or Royal Ontario Museum – This museum is a fun place to be in, with more than 40 galleries of art, natural science, and archeology. It has one of the best collections of China’s artifacts.

* Casa Loma – This is for history buffs or architecture lovers. This is one man’s dream of creating an architectural wonder. Casa Loma is a great Toronto travel attraction that was built by a businessman Sir Henry Pellatt in the beginning of the 1900s. It gives panoramic views of the city. Though built quite early, this ‘House on the Hill’ has many modern utilities, including an elevator and central vacuum systems.

* Centre Island – This is one of a group of small islands that consists of the largest urban car-free population in North America – only several service vehicles are allowed here. Centre Island is also known as Toronto Island, and it is a fun place among the Toronto travel attractions for an entire family. It has an amusement park, beaches, great restaurants, and all kinds of relaxation as well as recreational features.

* Hockey Hall Of Fame – A great place to visit for a hockey lover. This place has all interactive exhibits that let the visitor feel like he is a part of the NHL action. It also features a replica of NHL dressing room and a trophy room.

* Art Gallery Of Ontario – This is the 10th largest art museum in North America. It has an amazing collection of more than 40,000 art works. It not only houses great works from Canadian art heritage, but also features art works from all over the world.

* Chinatown – Toronto has the biggest Chinatown in North America. It is the most popular among the Toronto travel attractions; visitors can find great bargains on clothing, jewelry, household stuff, etc. Also, this is a great place to have authentic Chinese and Asian cuisine.